A Doctor’s Take On Medicines To Be Avoided By The

A Doctor’s Take On Medicines To Be Avoided By The


When treating Covid-19, one must consult a doctor for proper course and avoid self-medicating at all costs.

Covid-19, a novel virus that throttled the world. This virus has spared no one and in this second wave, we have to be all the more careful in following all the protocols of making and social distancing to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. There is also a special responsibility towards the elderly at our home. The elderly are usually on various medications for pre-existing conditions and it is important to consult a doctor before starting them on any treatment so that there are no complications due to the medications they are already taking.

The problem these days is that most doctors are heavily caught up with workload due to the astronomical number of cases. In such a scenario, while you attempt to liaise with your doctor, you may also have to rise up to the challenge and take care of the elderly at home. Hence, we have put together good practices on administering medicines to the elderly amidst Covid 19

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