About Koyili Hospital

Born out of a deep desire to provide quality and economical health care to the community

The deep desire to serve one’s own and provide quality and accessible service was made into reality by Sri.Koyili Bhaskaran in 1980. Our hospitals are renowned for their medical infrastructure and expertise, having the best health line workers reputed for their uncompromising medical assistance, infusing both up-to-the-minute technology, and exceptional healthcare. Our trusted doctors and a team of specialists work closely together to provide the best of healthcare made accessible to you. It grew from a 50 beds to 300 beds owned medical facility to a modern sophisticated health centre in a span of just 2 decades. It is clearly a testimony of people’s trust in our institution, which we cherish and uphold along with our core values.

Mr. Bhaskaran Koyili

With a zeal to provide better quality healthcare and support to the people, Mr.Bhaskaran Koyili strived to bring about a change in the Kannur healthcare line by introducing unaltered care with The Koyili Hospital in 1980. Through the blessings from The Almighty, the Unconditional Support, Hard work of our visionary leaders and Unity of our Team we are closer to our patients through the extensive network of our hospital, its clinics, Laboratories and pharmacies. With so many decades of experience in hand Koyili Hospital continues to provide service and care which is up to par with international standards.
With a will to work and enhanced skill to care for the poor and the needy, our hospital remains to be one of the most sought out in north Kerala.

Our Team is the heart beat for medical services in Kannur.

  • "Better Health to the Needy!"
  • "Better Health to the poor!"
  • " Better Health to the common people!" are our service Mottos.

We treat you as one among us! Not as a stranger. For that we avail you the service of our dedicated & well experienced medical & para medical staffs.


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