About Koyili Hospital

Born out of a deep desire to provide quality and economical health care to the community

Koyili Hospital is a 300 bed, super speciality medical facility with a comprehensive range of medical capabilities and services. One of the leading hospitals in Kannur, Koyili is reputed for its uncompromising medical assistance, infusing both up-to-the-minute technology, and exceptional healthcare. The hospital has achieved unprecedented growth in just two decades.

It grew from a 50 bed, medical facility to a modern sophisticated health centre: A testimony of people’s trust in our institution, which we cherish and uphold along with our core values.

Mr. Bhaskaran Koyili

Koyili Multi Speciality Hospital has a 'Success Mantra' for our growth. Our success mantra is non other than the recipe of 'Blessings from The Almighty & the Unconditional Support & Hardwork of our visionary leaders & Unity of our Team. We are closer to our patients in each second through the extensive network of our hospital, it's clinics, Laboratories & pharmacies. Our team is well established & maintain a strong ethical work environment which reflects our core service values. Our team has developed a deep passion for Health Care & Service in a global perspective through deeper knowledge in industry.

Our Team is the heart beat for medical services in Kannur.

  • "Better Health to the Needy!"
  • "Better Health to the poor!"
  • " Better Health to the common people!" are our service Mottos.

We treat you as one among us! Not as a stranger. For that we avail you the service of our dedicated & well experienced medical & para medical staffs.


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